I know it’s a strange blog post, but it is true. I have been wanted to read Greek mythology books for some time and they have been taking up space on my book shelves. However, I was not reaching for them as I was afraid I would simply not get them or understand what on earth is going on.

As some of you may know, I have recently returned back to studying and the first novel I had to read was The Odyssey, what a way to start. The book that everyone lies about reading, I can officially say I have read it and enjoyed it. As I was so fearful about it, I did read up simple guides. I then had a light bulb moment happened and I came to realise, I had nothing to fear.

The one thing I am told a lot at the moment by my husband is I have lost all of my confidence in life stuff. I never used to be fearful of anything, but with having two small children and wanting to find work, it seems my confidence is one thing that has disappeared. So I am making baby steps to try and get it back in one shape or another and taking the decision to re-train to be a teacher is the start. Anyway, back to the books.

I have now become slightly addicted with reading Greek mythology and made my way through Circe, The Penelopiad and just about to finish Natalie Haynes, A Thousand Ships.

I have also made my way through both of Stephen Fry’s books and they are complete heaven and I simply adore his writing. He somehow has the magic touch with his writing.

The only one I have left to read off my reading pile is The Song of Achilles – which, I have only heard amazing things about. I cannot wait to make a start as soon as I can.

My message to all of you who may be afraid to read certain books on your bookshelves, they may not necessarily be the same as the ones I was afraid of. Take the plunge, push yourself, take those books off your shelves, dust them off and give them a go. Even if you do it in small sections, you can do it.

Let me know which books you were afraid of.