Targeted by Brittany Kaiser

Just a note……

Targeted is a fascinating insight into the use of all of our information and the data collected. It is a real eye-opener where the data is collected from and how it is used and manipulated to influence our decisions. I was not naive about my data being collected and influencing things such as my spending, however how it is collected and used was certainly a shocking experience when reading this account.

Brittany Kaiser used to be an employee for Cambridge Analytica and shares her story and it is a fascinating one into what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to elections / referendums. My mind was blown to the extent how far people really go to win and get there way. We witness the negative treatment of staff who work for Cambridge Analytica received and some would say corrupt leadership . The broken promises, lack of ownership and hard core working and partying – you can only see it going one way, and that is down.

After reading Targeted it gave me a real opportunity to look at my own behaviour and how much data I may share unintentionally. It certainly gives you a lot of food for thought.

Targeted is a brutally honest account to our ignorance and an insight into how we can be manipulated to change our decisions and behaviours. You may not think this effects you but one you have read this book you certainly will think about your own behaviours.

Targeted is published by Harper Collins and is available now.

Just a note…..

I am going to continue to post reviews on the blog whilst I am studying, however, they will be short and just a note….

I hope you all understand


Books That I Have Been Afraid To Read

I know it’s a strange blog post, but it is true. I have been wanted to read Greek mythology books for some time and they have been taking up space on my book shelves. However, I was not reaching for them as I was afraid I would simply not get them or understand what on earth is going on.

As some of you may know, I have recently returned back to studying and the first novel I had to read was The Odyssey, what a way to start. The book that everyone lies about reading, I can officially say I have read it and enjoyed it. As I was so fearful about it, I did read up simple guides. I then had a light bulb moment happened and I came to realise, I had nothing to fear.

The one thing I am told a lot at the moment by my husband is I have lost all of my confidence in life stuff. I never used to be fearful of anything, but with having two small children and wanting to find work, it seems my confidence is one thing that has disappeared. So I am making baby steps to try and get it back in one shape or another and taking the decision to re-train to be a teacher is the start. Anyway, back to the books.

I have now become slightly addicted with reading Greek mythology and made my way through Circe, The Penelopiad and just about to finish Natalie Haynes, A Thousand Ships.

I have also made my way through both of Stephen Fry’s books and they are complete heaven and I simply adore his writing. He somehow has the magic touch with his writing.

The only one I have left to read off my reading pile is The Song of Achilles – which, I have only heard amazing things about. I cannot wait to make a start as soon as I can.

My message to all of you who may be afraid to read certain books on your bookshelves, they may not necessarily be the same as the ones I was afraid of. Take the plunge, push yourself, take those books off your shelves, dust them off and give them a go. Even if you do it in small sections, you can do it.

Let me know which books you were afraid of.