I have been reading the Women’s Prize Long-list books at the moment. To be honest, I have read half of the list, and my brain in somewhat unfocused to complete the list at the moment. I have been enjoying the fact I can read whatever books I like with no blog tours and no what may be perceived “enforced reading”.

I have enjoyed the fact the long-list has made me read books that perhaps I may never have picked up and introduced me to authors that perhaps I would not have considered reading. Milkman has been one of those books, that I have wanted to read for sometime but have been somewhat put off by the reviews and the hypes surrounding the book.

Unfortunately, this book, I have had to put aside for the time being. I have made a start but stopped at pg39. There are many reasons I have stopped reading this book. I have two toddlers one of which is going through toilet training so I pretty much spend most of my life sat by the toilet waiting for him to finish and Milkman with such big chapters and very little natural breaks within the chapters is not an easy book to read whilst being regularly disturbed by two tearaways it is not easy. I am fully invested in the story, and was wanting to read the book, but how the book is set out just leaves it difficult for me to keep going.

It is not a put aside forever, I will go back to it when I can have long periods of being undisturbed so, I can make sure I am 100% committed to the book.

I will return to Milkman at some point……..

Milkman is published by Faber and Faber

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