Can I say from the start, this book made me sob and I mean properly big noisy sobbing – I do not really cry when it comes to books, but this was personal. 

As some of you may know, my son was born three months premature and thanks for the magic of modern medicine he survived and is now a thriving three year old, I am very fortunate and feel lucky. But, as a first time mother, I had to make some difficult life or death decisions about him and decisions that potentially may impact on his life in the future. This story really touched a nerve and by the end of the book, I was a big bag of mixed emotions. 

We follow the story of Rob and Anne, who have a little boy Jack. Anne starts to notice things changing with Jack and her gut instinct was that something was wrong, and unfortunately, she was not wrong. We embark on their journey of Jacks condition and the fight they both put up as well as reflecting the bravery and maturity of Jack and coming to terms with not being able to protect their child and the cruel reality of death. 

Luke reflects the feelings and behaviours of the wider family and community around Anne and Jack. Which again, from my own perspective, I found people frustrating and fed up with people’s advice and “nice words”. I just wanted to be left alone. I was able to empathise with both Anne and Jack and their own emotions and reactions to people just trying to do the right thing. 

Luke’s story telling from the perspective of Rob and Anne was phenominal, and their fight to try and get the best resolution and outcome from Jack and how both of their perspectives were very different and they looked at Jack’s illness from different sides. I remember the times when we were pushed into a room and you knew it was bad news and the different extremes of emotions, I felt them again with Rob and Anne which I found incredibly powerful and that is all down to Luke’s amazing writing and use of language which was simple but hits you where it hurts. 

I really admire Luke for writing about such a painful topic, but one that will tug at everyones emotions and it will leave you contemplating what would I do…….

About The Book 

Rob Coates can’t believe his luck. There is Anna, his incredible wife, and the most precious of all, Jack, their son, who makes every day an extraordinary adventure. Rob feels like he’s won the lottery of life or rather – he did until the day it all changes when Anna becomes convinced there is something wrong with Jack and she’s right. 

Now Rob sleepwalks through his days, unable to bridge the guilt that separates him from his wife, his son and the business of living. But he’s determined to come to terms with what’s happened and find a way back to life, and forgiveness. 

“It wasn’t just the cottage’s solitude that attracted me, it was the way it was exposed, utterly at the mercy of the elements. Perched on an outcrop of rock, across the bay from St Ives, it is the only building in sight. There is no shelter, no valley to break the ferocious Atlantic wind when the rain lashes at the windows, when the sea winds ‘refuse’ to let up the house shudders and feels like it is crumbling into the sea.”

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