This is the first novel I have read written by James Swallow and I was certainly not disappointed. This fast paced, take your breath away novel follows the story of an ex MI6 agent, Marc Dane who is tasked to track down a brutal and cruel hacker who is causing nothing but chaos. 

Throughout this novel, the story moves so quickly I was desperately trying to keep up. I could feel that this story could potentially be a reality. There are times when you judge very quickly throughout the story, but all I can say is expect the unexpected. You will find a lot of different characters have different snippets of information, and when joined up you start to build a picture, a picture that is not always what we want to see. 

James wonderfully wrapped you in the story, and did not let go into the conclusion. I was running with the story to try and ensure I kept paced with what was going on, but it just had to be the pace or it just would not have been the same story. And, in the real world hackers move quickly and do not hang around too much, due to the chance of being caught. There is always a continue evolution. 

About the Book 

A faceless criminal fuelled by revenge. 

A devastating betrayal at the heart of a covert strike force. 

A deadly pursuit across a digital battlefield. 

A world brought to the brink of war. 

As a series of catastrophic attacks unfold across the globe, ex-MI6 agent Marc Dane must call on all his skills and ingenuity to track down the mysterious figure behind them, a ruthless terrorist hacker known only as “Madrigal”…..

Ghost is published by Bonnier Zaffre

“There was a strange kind of non-awareness that came on when you were glued to a screen for too long, a narrowiing of the world that made everything fall away until the motions of your hands and the blink of the cursor seemed to happen of their own accord.”  


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