Start is an eye opening insight and brutal honest account of Graham’s history with mental health services in Scotland. Graham tells the good, the bad and the ugly about being detained and the deterioration in his mental health. 

I have worked within the mental health services in England, and always want to know first hand account, to allow me and others to learn about how care and how processes can be improved and be less traumatic, as this is the word I hear the most. 

What I admire the most, is how Graham has turned his detention in hospital into a positive and now uses this insight and works within services and with other service users. This is a must read for all, as it gives such an amazing insight into mental health first hand and insight into services as a whole, which as we all know is not perfect. I strongly believe this is a book that should be shared within the mental health services community as I felt empowered by Graham’s words and the fact that he acknowledges that his mental health continues to be an ongoing struggle but he takes it day to day. It also reflects brilliantly that all people at some point in their life struggle with mental health, we are only human. 

Thank you Graham, thank you for your honesty and you are a positive role model to the mental health community, keep up the good work. 

About the Book 

This biography does not gloss over or glamorise mental illness, instead Graham highlights that people can, and do, live full and positive lives. 

We join Graham through his recollections of detention under the Mental Health Act, learning to live with a new family and coping with the symptoms that he still struggles to accept are an illness. He takes you through his preparation to address the United Nations in his role working with the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland. 

Graham has an MBE for services to mental health, and helped to write the Scottish Mental Health (2008) Care and Treatment Act. 

This is the Act under which he is now detained. 

“A community where the actions of one person influence and shape the actions of another, where each thought, each hour, juggles the web we have in such a way that we all live a long complicated interdependent dance.”

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Start is published by Fledgling Press

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