With my impending move to Australia, I am reading everything and anything about Australia or novels by Australian authors. So, this was a perfect book for me. 

Sadie’s war is the third book in the ‘Currency Girls’ series. 

Although I have never read any of the previous novels I managed to get sucked into the story very quickly. There are a lot of characters within the novel, however, once you are introduced to them you can see they are all an integral part of the story telling process. We are transported to two different locations and timelines, Grimbsy and Cleethorpes during World War II and Australia during the twentieth century.

We follow Sadie’s childhood whilst she was in Australia and her father’s career. We get a glimpse of her first marriage which does not end well. The descriptions of the landscape and environment just transports you directly there with her. You can feel, touch and smell where she is and you are overwhelmed by both the beauty and harshness of the remoteness of the outback. 

You are transported to Cleethorpes during World War II, Rosemary does an amazing job of again describing the landscape and the contrast between Cleethorpes and Australia are fascinating. Here we follow Sadie and her two sons and the impact war has on families and communities. We live through the emotional impact war has on Sadie when her sons are serveing in the military. I could feel empathy with my own husband serving in the Royal Air Force. We experience Sadie’s inner emotional wars and the guilt and her choices whether positive or negative she has made. 

What I admire about Sadie is her independence especially during a male dominated world and her fiesty character, without being harsh as you experience her emotions and inner monologue. 

I adored this book, Rosemary covered many topics that are close to my heart and some of the inner emotional issues that I myself experience, it felt relevant and I admired this book. Rosemary took a story that obviously had a great impact on her and shared this with us all, thank you Rosemary what a great book, an amazing story and one that should be read. 

About The Book 

An astonishing tale, spanning continents, where truth is stranger than fiction. This historical saga of an extraordinary Australian pioneer family continues into a new generation. 

Sadie is brought-up amongst the vineyards of the Yarra Valley while her work-obsessed father reaps riches from the boom years before the Great War. 

With post-war depression looming, Sadie’s only option is to flee from her disatrous marriage, seeking refuge in Cleethorpes, a small seaside town in northern England. 

Years later, when her sons are in RAF Bomber Command, she receives a letter from her long-lost brother which forces her to confront the past and her part in her family’s downfall. 

Can old wounds be healed?

Will she find new love?

Will this second war destroy everyone she saved? 

About the Author 

Rosemary worked as a librarian, mostly with young people, so books have been her life, ever since she first stepped into a libraray and found a magical treasure trove. Her other love is social history. Retirement gave Rosemary the opportunity to travel to Australia where she discovered stories that deserved to be written. She found a new career as an author which gave her immense pleasure.

If you would like to find out more about Rosemary or her books, please click here

Big thanks to Rachel for arranging this book tour, if you would like to know about the services offered, please click here

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