Bone Lines I fell in love with from the first chapter. You follow two stories, one you follow Dr Elouise Kluft and the other a female in the ancient times and following her journey of survival with her child. The stories beautifully entwined with one another but in fact they have similar issues. 

Dr Kluft is an academic who has done incredibly well in her work life, however, part of me felt that something was missing in her private life she was on her own. You go through dilemma of has she missed the boat with family life and her friends are dealing with children and husbands and she has herself to manage. You feel there are a lot of “what ifs”.

The other story we follow an woman “Sarah” trying to deal with issues 74,000 on her own with her child. She certainly goes through a lot of ups and downs and she makes some brave decisions and choices. 

On of my favourite parts of the book was Eloise’s letter to Charles Darwin- where she does a lot of soul searching and she almost uses Darwin to bounce ideas off and to talk through her dilemmas. I have a great fascination with Darwin so it ticked all of the boxes.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, it had two great strong women protagonist, and a look a life on earth from 74,000 years ago to the current day. Both women go through emotional and guilt turmoil and I felt that I had a strong connection with both women and just bonded with them and had a great affection towards them. What I also appreciated within this novel was the amount of research Stephanie has done to get this book just right and she has just an amazing touch when it comes to writing. 

About the Book 

Love is evolutionary…….

A young woman walks alone through a barren landscape in a time before history, a time of cataclysmic natural change. She is cold, hungry and with child but not without hope or resources. A skilful hunter, she draws on her intuitive understanding of how to stay alive…and knows that she must survive. 

In present-day London, geneticist Dr Eloise Kluft wrestles with an ancient conundrum as she unravels the secrets of a momentous archaeological find. She is working at the forefront of contemporary science but is caught in the lonely time-lock of her own emotional past. 

Bone Lines is the story of two women, separated by millennia yet bound by the web of life. A tale of love and survival – of courage and the quest for wisdom – it explores the nature of our species and asks what lies at the heart of being human. 

Bone Lines deals with themes from genetics, climate change and migration to the yearning for meaning and the clash between faith and reason, it also paints an intimate portrait of who we are as a species. 

Alternating between ancient and modern timelines, the story unfolds through the experiences of two unique characters; one is a shaman, the sole surviving adult of her tribe who is braving a hazardous journey of migration, the other a dedicated scientist living a comfortable if troubled existence in London, who is on her own mission of discovery. 

The two are connected not only by a set of archiac remains but by a sense of destiny – and their desire to shape it. Both are pioneers, women of passion, grit and determination, although their day to day lives could not be more different. One lives moment by moment, drawing on every scrap of courage and ingenuity to keep herself and her infant daughter alive, while the other is absorbed by work, imagination and regret. Each is isolated and facing her own mortal dangers and heart- rending decisions, but each is inspired by the power of life force and driven by love.  

About the Author 

Born in Hong Kong to expats from Liverpool, Stephanie is based in London but manages her sanity by escaping to any kind of coast. Before returning to her first love of writing fiction, Stephanie spent many years pursuing alternative forms of storytelling, from stage to screen and media to marketing. Meanwhile, an enduring love affair with words has led her down many a wormhold on the writte page. 

Drawn to what connects rather than separates, Stephanie is fascinated by the spaces between absolutes and opposites, between science and spirituality, nature and culture. This lifelong curiosity – and occasional conflict – has been channelled into her debut novel, Bone Lines, and into short stories, poems and various works in progress.

You can find out more about Stephanie via her website, please click here. 

This books is published by Unbound 

This blog tour was arranged by Anne from Random Things Through My Letter Box


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