Fishnets is Kirstin’s debut novel and what a novel it is. We follow the story of Fiona trying to track down her missing sister, Rona after she walked away from Fiona’s flat six years previous leaving her child in the care of her sister. 

Fiona clearly has the weight of the world on her shoulders as she is unhappy in her job, her life and the realities of looking after a child. Fiona embarks on her own investigation and what unravels is a sister that Fiona does not recognise. She finds out her sister is involved in the sex industry. You get the feeling Fiona has more questions than answers and confusion over who her sister actually is. 

You walk in Fiona’s shoes as she initially came across as being judgemental during her investigation into the sex industry however, you slowly see this judgement crumble and realises that the people involved are not necessarily who you would expect to be and the reasons as to why people do resort to this action. You almost feel the empathy rising from within Fiona and unexpected friendships starting to form. 

Fishnets is an interesting read and certainly was an eye-opener. I could feel the passion Kirstin had in being the story teller and getting Rona’s story out there, you could feel her blood, sweat and tears in reaching the conclusion of the novel. Kirstin’s love for both Rona and Fiona just spilled out of the book  and fully embraced me as the reader. 

Fishnets has left me wanting to read more works by Kirstin and I hope she continues to write more novels. 

About the Book 

Rona Leonard walks out of her sister Fiona’s flat and disappears. 

Six years on, worn down by work, child care and the aching absence in her life, Fiona’s existence is blown apart by the revelation that, before she disappeared, Rona had been working as a prostitute. 

About the Author 

Kirstin is an award-winning writer, journalist and arts worker. Fishnets was first published in 2015 to great acclaim. She founded the Glasgow literary cabaret night Words Per Minute and often performs at spoken word events and festivals. Her short stories have been published in anthologies and commissioned by BBC Radio 4. 

Kirstin lives with her family in a village by a loch in the west of Scotland. 

This book is published by Black and White Publishing 

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