Firstly, I would like to apologise to Tom for not blogging about his amazing book, I didn’t put the date in my diary and I can only apologise to Tom and to Rachel who organised the blog tour. But, I wanted to do a spot light feature on my blog. 

About the Book 

Politics is false. Power is real. 

Ben longs to be prime minister one day. But with no political connections he is about to crash out of a Masters degree with no future ahead. So when by chance he becomes fast friends with a young Arab prince and is offered a job in his government, he jumps at the chance to get on the political ladder. 

Amal dreads the throne. And with Ben’s help he wants to reform his country, steering it onto a path towards democracy. But with the King’s health failing, revolutionaries in the streets, and terrorism threatening everyone, the country is ready to tear itself apart. 

Alone in a hostile land, Ben must help Amal weigh what is best against what is right, making decisions that will risk his country, his family and his life. 

About The Author 

Born in Brighton, Tom had many jobs and has never lived anywhere else. Tom started to write at school, where he and his group of friends devised and performed comedy plays for assemblies, must to the amusement of his fellow pupils.

As an adult, Tom has written a short comedy play and was performed at the Theatre Royal Brighton in May 2014, as part of the Brighton Festival; Daye’s Work, a television pilot for the local Brighton channel; and won the Empire Award in the 2015 New York Screenplay Contest. 

Tom published his first novel, You Can’t Make Old Friends, in 2016 his second, Choose Your Parents Wisely in 2017 and The Benevolent Dictator is his third novel. 

If you would like to purchase The Benevolent Dictator or to find out more about Tom, please click here.


This blog tour was arranged by Rachels Random Resources  


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