Resin blew my mind. Initially, when I had finished this novel it was a strange concept to write about but after a few days, even weeks, I still think of this book – which, to me shows how much of an amazing and more importantly the impact the story this has had. 
We follow an isolated family, the locals view of them somewhat changes to feeling sorry for them, they are inquisitive of what they do and just simply thinking they are just strange. 

We follow the story of Jens, his wife and children. There is a mix of sadness, death and Liv (Jens daughter) of wanting to know what goes on behind the farm. Oh, and there is a lot of hoarding. 


“It was a never-ending world of smells and sounds and life which melted somewhere far away into a landscape of singing larks and healther and lyme grass that then merged into the sand, that merged into the water, that continues into an endless sea.”


“Jens felt a deep sense of responsibility to preserve things. To keep things as they were. And he experienced joy, an emotional bond, with every single object he took into his care. This sense of connection stimulated him. And it exhaused him whenever someone tried to break it. It even frightened him.”

Ane was clever in her writing and I felt that I was in their house with hoarding for a neat freak, definately made me feel uneasy and Jens certainly gave me mixed emotions from being slightly scared of what he may do next to wanting to love and care for him. I also was frustrated with Marie who is Liv’s mother as in the end she just took to her bed and just did not leave. I felt that she could do a lot more to protect her daughter and to stand up to her husband a lot more to try and get him to see sense, in a way I felt she not only gave up on her but her family. 

This is a must read and may be in my book file for best book of the year. I just loved it, although the topics are unique, it is just an amazing, thought provoking and the story will certainly never leave me. 

About the Book 

His father, his brother, his son had taught him- whoever leaves him will never come back. No-one must be allowed to leave. 

Liv died when she was just six years old. 

At least, that’s what the authorities think. 

Her father knew he was the only one who could keep her safe in this world. So one evening he left the isolated house his little family called home, he pushed their boat out to sea and watched it ruin on the rocks. Then he walked to the long way into town to report his only child missing. 

But behind the boxes and the baskets crowding her Dad’s workshop, Liv was hiding. This way her Dad had said, she’d never have to go to school, this way, she’d never have to leave her parents. 

This way, Live would be safe. 

About the Author 

Ane studied art history and has published a number of books for children, including educational books on painting and architecture. Ane made her literary debut in 2013 with The Butcher from Liseleje, which was awarded the Danish Crime Academy’s Debut Prize for the Best Crime / Suspense debut. In 2016, she was awarded the prestigious Glass Key Award for Best Scandinavian Suspense / Crime Novel. 

Resin is published by Doubleday Publishers 


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