Frank and Joan’s marriage is in trouble. Having spent three decades failing to understand each other in their unfinished house in the French alps, Joan’s frustrations with her inattentive husband have reached breaking point. Frank, retreating ever further into his obsure hobbies, is distracted by an epistolary affair with his long-lost German girlfriend. Things are getting tense. But it’s Christmas, and the couple are preparing to welcome home their three far-flung children. 

The children, though, are faring little better in love themselves. Maya, a gender expert mother-of-two, is considering leaving her family for a woman; Wim is on the cusp of breaking up with his first love; and Lois, who spends her time turning war documentaries into love poems, is facing a change of heart. 

About the Author 

Sarah is a French-British writer and translator currently living in Brooklyn, NYC. This is her first novel. 

Blog tour information 

This book I read on a quiet Sunday afternoon, I don’t get that many, but this was the ideal book. You follow a family who I would say is in transition. Firstly, there is Frank, the father, Joan, mother and their three children. They all have issues in their lives which would potentially have an impact on their wider families. Frank and Joan seem to have grown apart and now with their children grown up and not living at home times have changed and they question whether they want to spend there future together or whether changes needs to be made. Frank has reached out to a previous love who he is corresponding with, almost like having a email relationship with and Joan has found out and does not want to take second place in Franks life, bearing in mind he does not spend or show any compassion towards her. 

Sarah has captured what a lot of families and couples go through when their children have “flown the nest” and needing something else in their lives to fulfil this emptiness. 

Joan’s children are currently going through their own dilemmas such as cheating, miscarriage, falling in love with others, career issues and just the need for change to live a fulfilled life. 

I have to say its a book I didn’t think I would enjoy but I did and have now passed it on to a friend – it’s a beautiful book which looks at topics that people just don’t talk about.

If you would like to purchase this book, or to find out more about Head of Zeus publishers, please click here. 


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