Meet Me At The Museum – Anne Youngson 

I have been seeing this book a lot on social media and when the beautiful Alison Barrow @alisonbarrow says a book is good, you certainly listen. So I was very excited to recieve this book and could not resist reading this book straightaway. 

Stirred by memories from childhood years ago, Tina Hopgood writes to the curator of a Danish museum. She does so without anticipation of response. What happens next is the beginning of a correspondence, a friendship, a telling of lives and stories and the possibility of a future more hopeful than she had anticipated for herself. 

Meet Me At The Museum tells of a man and a woman with more of a life behind them than ahead, both of whom face new beginnings when they connect unexpectedly through letters and a shared love of ancient history, personal treasures and nature. 

About the Author 

Anne had a long and successful career in the motor industry after finishing a degree in English from Birmingham. She most recently worked for Land Rover, as Chief Engineer, Defender replacement and, finally MD of the Special Vehicles Operations. Having taken early retirement, she worked as an Enterprise Advisor to schools, before joining a small consultancy team, working on major skills development programmes for a range of clients. 

After leaving the motor industry, she began to take writing more seriously. She did an Undergraduate diploma at the Oxford University Department of Continuing Education and an MA in Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes, achieving a distinction in both. 

Anne is married, with two adult children and one grandchild. She has supported many charities in governance roles, including Chair of the Writers in Prison Network, which provides residencies in prisons for professional writers. 

She is now studying for a PhD at Oxford Brookes. The creative part of the qualification will be stories which explore how to begin. Her debut novel Meet Me At The Museum has been created as part of this. 

This book is released on 17 May 2018, for more information, click here. 

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter -Cherry Radford 

Meet Imogen Bradfield- would be novelist based on the English South Coast who spends most of her time working on a tedious online magazine in her borrowed lighthouse. She is isolated from the world except for the wonder of social media. 

Reluctant Twitter user, Santiago Montoya is an ex-band member turned diffident TV soap actor based in Madrid. Constantly surrounded by adoring family, friends and fans yet he has never felt so alone. 

Then there’s Imogen’s lighthouse keeper father, writing secret diaries and letters in his bunk and also hoping to be understood – until his mysterious disappearance at sea in 1982……

About the Author 

Cherry was a piano teacher at the Royal Ballet Junior School, a keyboard player in a band, and then a research optometrist at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. She now lives in Eastbourne and Almeria, Spain. 

You can follow Cherry via Twitter @CherryRad. 

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Cherry is published via Urbane Publishers, to find out more information, please click here.

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This book took my breath away. It was a beautiful and captivating novel which also covers loss and pain in a charming and respectful manner. 

This is the first novel I have read by Cherry, it certainly did not disappoint. Cherry’s writing was alluring and she has a way of plucking you up out of your chair and placing you directly at the scene. I loved the fact the story was set between the English South Coast as it holds a massive part of my heart and Madrid. It was lovely to watch the establishment of the relationship between Imogen and Spanish ex-band member turned soap actor, Santiago, through social media and how quickly the relationship became deep rooted. I mean nowadays, how many relationships are established through social media. I mean I met my husband online, so it does work. 

This novel certainly covers love, life and social media which is all relevant to today. 

I was most interested in the backstory of Imogen’s father who went missing, Imogen certainly had many unanswered questions which I felt left a gapping hole in her life. 

If you want a heart-warming and  captivating read, then this is the book for you. 


Under The Woods – K.A Richardson 

When a homeless woman, Cheryl Whiffen, hears voices in her head telling her to do bad things, she can’t help but obey. 

But when Cheryl becomes the victim of a serial killer who is collecting angels, this time the voices can’t help her. She is deemed not worthy of being an angel and the killer has to find another way to dispose of her body. 

TJ Tulley has connections in the police force- her brother Jacob is a digital forensic analyst and her soon to be sister-in-law is a CSI. She knows many of their colleagues so when someone breaks into her house at the riding stables she owns, it’s not a surprise when the police dispatch CSI Jackson Doherty. 

Is there a link between a suspicious fire at the stables and the serial killer?

As TJ and Doherty get closer to the truth they don’t realise the danger they are in. He is a killer- he’s angry at their investigation and he’ll do just about anything to protect his angels…. 

About the Author 

Kerry started writing the North East Police series in 2010 when she was working towards her MA Creative Writing. Kerry passed her MA in 2011 and continued to write. This all came about from working as a Crime Scene Investigator – I’d always written but when she was a CSI she went to see a psychic, Anthoney, and he wanted to know why she was not writing. He reminded Kerry that it was her passion and he could see her signing in Waterstones in five years. That was five and a half years before her first ever signing in Waterstones so he was not far wrong!

You can follow Kerry via Twitter @karichardson77. 

Kerry is published by Bloodhound Publishers, if you would like to find out more about them or to purchase this book, please click here.

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This is the first novel I have read by Kerry and being book 4 in the series, I certainly did not feel that you needed to read the previous books but you could read this as a standalone novel. 

What I found interesting was reading this book from the forensics point of view. It was creepy, chilling and thought provoking story which sent a chill up my spine. If you like thrillers, then K.A Richardson certainly ticks this box. 

Kerry’s writing allows you to join in the cat and mouse of the investigation in seeking out who is the serial killer. You will certainly have your own views and opinion which will change throughout the novel. The characters are well thought through and compliment the story line. 

Just to note, do not start reading this book if you have something else to do as you will not put this book down. 


Little Fires Everywhere – Celeste Ng 

I have heard a lot about this book, so I just had to purchase it. 

In the placid, progressive suburb of Shaker Heights everything is meticulously planned, from the colours of the houses, to the successful lives its residents will go on to lead. And no one embodies this spirit more than Elena Richardson. 

Mia Warren, an enigmatic artist and single mother, arrives in this idyllic bubble with her teenage daughter Pearl, and rents a house from the Richardsons. Soon Mia and Pearl become more than just tenants; all four Richardson children are drawn to the alluring mother-daughter pair. But Mia carries with her a disregard for the rules that threatens to upend this carefully ordered community. 

When the Richardsons’ friends attempt to adopt a Chinese – American baby, a custody battle erupts that dramatically divides the town and puts Mia and Mrs Richardson on opposing sides. Mrs Richardson becomes determined to uncover the secrets in Mia’s past. But her obsession will come at unexpected and devastating costs to her own family  – and Mia’s. 

About the Author

Celeste grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Shaker Heights, Ohio. She attended Harvard University and earned an MFA from the University of Michigan. Her debut novel, Everything I Never Told You, won the Hopwood Award, the Massuchusetts Book Award, the Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature and the American Library Association’s Alex Award. She is a 2016 National Endowment for the Arts Fellow and she lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

You can follow Celeste via Twitter @pronounced_ing 

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How Not To Be A Doctor – John Launer

The doctor’s world laid bare in a collection of essays at once entertaining, surprising, and moving. 

Originating from the popular columns Launer writes for medical journals over his career, the more than fifty essays cover a range of topics including music, poetry, literature and psychoanalysis, as well as contemporary medical politics and the personal experiences of being a doctor. From lessons on what they don’t teach you in medical school, to a story of the imagined conversation between two prehistoric medical men, to the author’s poignant account of being a patient himself as he recieved treatment for a life-threatening illness, the essays in How Not To Be A Doctor combine erudition with humour, candour and the human touch. They show how, in medicine, you cannot separate personal experiences from professional ones, in short stories and reflections that will inform and entertain readers on both ends of the stethoscope. 

About the Author

John is a GP and medical educator known for his work in consultation skills, clinical supervision, and narrative based medicine. He is on the senior staff of the Tavistock Clinic, the leading training institute in the UK for psychological treatment. Launer is one of the best-known columnists in the British medical press and has contributed columns and articles to numerous periodicals and journals, including Times Health Supplement and BMJ, for over twenty years. 

If you would like to find out more about John or to purchase this novel, please click here. 

The Concubine’s Child – Carol Jones 

In 1930s Malaya a sixteen-year-old girl, dreaming of marriage to her sweetheart, is sold as a concubine to a rich old man desperate for an heir. Trapped, and bullied by his spiteful wife, Yu Lan plans to escape with her baby son, despite knowing that they pursue her to the ends of the earth. 

Four generations later, her great-grandson, Nick, will return to Malaysia, looking for the truth behind the facade of a house cursed by the unhappy past. Nothing can prepare him for what he will find. 

About the Author

Born in Brisbane, Australia, Carol taught English and Drama at secondary schools before working as an editor of children’s magazine. She is the author of several young adult novels as well as children’s non-fiction. 

You can catch up with Carol, via her website, please click here. 

Carol and the staff at Aria Publishers have kindly provided an extract, I hope you enjoy. 


In the slatted light, she glimpsed a flash of white slipping past the open door of the bedchamber. She closed her eyes and in the golden shadows behind her eyelids, saw her again. The girl in white. Long hair flowing loose as she floated across the garden and disappeared between the mango trees into the jungle.

Neuih gwai. Ghost maiden.

Haunting them still.

She considered calling Ho Jie, but the old woman would only ridicule her fears. And it was too early to ask for the shutters to be opened, for there would be no cooling breeze, only searing midday sun. Outside, the neighbourhood dogs snoozed in shady sanctuaries and the macaques had taken to the trees to rest and groom one another. She was alone. The doctor had departed hours ago, leaving the pungent scent of herbs lingering in the room. She had tried to wave him away, but Ho Jie overruled her feeble protest. Once upon a time, the amah wouldn’t have dared question her will, but these days servant had become mistress. The amah’s black trousers and white blouse were merely a cunning disguise, as deceptive as her mild old-lady face and her habit of nodding when she meant no.

So the doctor pounded his dried fungi and desiccated roots into a foul paste, before setting them to boil while he tormented her with needles that wound in a trail along her spine, like the quills of a porcupine. She could have told him it was pointless. Almost as futile as prayer, no matter how many joss sticks you lit.

Now she lay prostrate in her bed, immobilised by the humid air, the medicinal aroma of herbs and her own impotence. Half a century ago she had first lain in this bed, a nervous sixteen-year-old bride, trusting to phoenix and peonies to bring her luck. She had had such expectations, if not of happiness, then at least of the ancestors’ approval. Yet all the dragons and phoenixes in the world hadn’t managed to bestow upon her their promised benevolence.

She glanced again at the open door, wishing that it could all end here. Her son would return soon, tapping at the door to ask after her health. But they both knew she would never recover. She scanned the room, her eyes roaming over gilded cabinets, table and stools inlaid with mother-of-pearl, washstand and dresser littered with pills and potions, before settling on the small desk tucked beneath the window where her writing tools lay. Perhaps it was time for the truth.

Sliding across the silk coverlet, she dropped her feet to the floor and stood holding the bedpost for support. Thick rugs dotted the parquetry like islands. She ventured a few steps, lurching across a field of white chrysanthemums to the table, then a further reel to the desk. She lowered herself onto a stiff-backed chair, dribbled water onto ink-stone, and began grinding ink-stick. Then, weighting a sheet of rice paper, she selected a brush. Yet just as she was about to commit to paper the truth, as she knew it, sharp pain lanced her lower back, spearing into her abdomen and blurring her vision. She had to hurry now or they might never be free.

She had to hope that if her son knew the truth he might stand a chance of surviving a dead girl’s spite. He might find a way to save them, even if he came to despise his mother. Even if he cursed her, all the while burning hell money for her soul.

His hatred would be her penance.”

If you would like to purchase this book or to find out more about Aria Publication, please click here. 

The Kindness of Strangers – Julie Newman 

Widow Helen is desperate for a perfect family life, and will do everything she can to get what she wants. 

A veteran of the Afghanistan conflicts, Martin is adrift and seemingly without hope- can he ever win back his estranged family? 

Pregnant teenager Charley is striking out on her own to create a new life for her unborn child, but her mother Lizzie has other ideas. 

When three seemingly disparate lives connect, the past and the present collide to reveal secrets, lies and how far people are willing to go to hide the truth. 

About the Author 

Julie was born in east London but now lives a rural life in North Essex. She is married with two children. Her working life has seen her have a variety of jobs, including running her own publishing company. She is the author of the children’s book Poppy and the Garden Monster. Julie writes endlessly nd when not writing she is reading. Other interests include theatre, music and running. Besides her family, the only thing she loves more than books is Bruice Springsteen. 

You can follow Julie via Twitter @julesmnewman. 

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The stories within this novel cover a complex web of needs and emotions that do effect everyday people. Unfortunate events that people never expected to happen have occured and the theme they all have in common is the “survivor” instinct trying to kick in. 

The story that was very relevant to me was the solder suffering from PTSD as I do not believe this discussed enough and the fact he was homeless really shows how systems in place do also let people down and more support and awareness needs to be out there. I felt there was real sadness in the people’s lives aswell as a lot of secrets and dark pasts. 

All of the characters in the novels were desparate to have a “normal” life whatever “normal” may be. 

This certainly was a well told story with a surprising twist, which of course I am not going to tell you, you just have to purchase or borrow the book to find out. 

The Mitford Murders – Jessica Fellowes 

I am pretty obsessed with Jessica and follow (not stalk) her on Instagram so I had to pick up her new novel. 

Murder on a train, 1919. 

Louisa Cannon dreams of fleeing London, and most of all her dangerous uncle. Her escape is a job at Asthall Manor, where she becomes nursery maid, chaperone and confidante to the Mitford sisters, especially sixteen-year-old Nancy. 

But then a nurse- Florence Nightingale Shore, goddaughter of her famous namesake – is killed on a train, and Louisa and Nancy find themselves entangled with a murderer who will do anything to hide their secret….. 

About the Author 

Jessica is an author, journalist and public speaker, best known for her work as author of five official companion books to Downton Abbey, various of which have hit the New York Times and Sunday Times bestseller list. Former deputy editor of Country Life and columnist on the Mail on Sunday, she has written for publications including the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian, The Sunday Times and The Lady. Jessica has spoken at events across the UK and US, and has made numerous appearances on radio and television. She lives happily in London and Oxfordshire with her family, an energetic Labradoodle and two chickens. 

If you would like to catch up with Jessica, or purchase her books, please go to her amazing website, click here.


This Dark Place – Claire Kittridge 

Priscilla’s body lay motionless on the couch in front of her. They were blood sisters, but Avery never thought it would end like this – thrust against her will into this dark place. 

When the brutal death of a young American theatre student in London is splashed across headlines worldwide, NYPD Detective Kelly Moore flies across the Atlantic to join a crack team of British investigator on the case. 

Together with the London Metropolitan Police, Kelly must track down a twisted killer who seems to know her every move. As the body count rises and panic spreads, the killer threatens to make Kelly the next victim. 

About the Author 

Claire grew up in Brooklyn, NY. An avid reader, triathlete, and boxing fan, she fell in love with England, and its great fictional detectives while travelling around Britain as a teenager. Claire lives in New York City with her cat, Chairman Meow.

You can follow Claire on Twitter @CPkittridge.

Blog tour information 

Claire has kindly provided an extract for you, I hope you enjoy. 

“NYPD Detective Kelly Moore sat in the back seat of the black cab as the driver darted skillfully around other taxis, massive SUVs, little Mini Coopers, a double-decker bus. For a few minutes that felt like a lifetime, they were stuck behind a tall, dark, windowless van that she knew held a special anti-terror unit like those in New York. The sight of London brought back an old sick feeling in Kelly’s gut, the frantic sense that her sister, Cass, was out there—in a cafe or store, flashing past on the Underground, held quiet and frightened in some dingy cellar, or in the back room of a penthouse party—or, in her darkest thoughts, cut up in parts, weighted down at the bottom of the Thames. She’d never have come back to England at all, if it weren’t for the death of Priscilla Ames…”

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