I have been attempting to complete a daily overview for books on my blog. However, due to having two very small humans who have been ill and them kindly passing their bug on to me it just has not worked out – which I am disappointed. So, I have made the decision, that until my little ones get a little bit bigger I will complete an eight book overview each month which is much more manageable for me at this present time. 

If you would like your book to appear in my August 2017 book overview, please do email me at 


for this post I will only accept hard copies of books at present but in the future this will change. 

So, here goes these are the books I have picked for my July overview. 

The Floating Theatre

When young seamstress May Bedloe is left alone and penniless on the shore of the Ohio River, she finds work on the famous floating theatre that plies its trade along its banks. Her creativity and needlework skills quickly become invaluable and she settles in to life among the colourful troupe of actors, she finds friends, and possibly the promise of more…….

About Author 

Martha’s first novel, 12 Bliss Street was nominated for an Edgar Award. Born in Cleveland, Ohio she is one of seven sisters. She now lives in San Francisco with her family. 

Extract from Book


“When I felt the boat start to move, I dressed and went out to the guard. The air was strangely warm for daybreak, and I watched the mist coming off the water and creeping up the side of the boat. There was no sign of Liddy, and Dr Early was staying at an inn in town. He planned to follow us to our next landing on horseback. 

The run this morning was fast and difficult. Almost immediately upon leaving the bank we came to a bad stretch of the river with lots of sandbars and sudden, low water. Jeremy and Sam had their work cut out for them, pushing the sweeps hard as they tried to keep in the current. I stayed on the top deck out of everyone’s way.”

Weave a Murderous Web – Anne Rothman-Hicks & Ken Hicks 

No good deed goes unpunished. When Jane Larson – a hot shot litigator for a large firm in New York City – helps out a friend, she is sucked into the unfamiliar world of divorce and child support. 

About Authors 

Anne and Ken have been married for a little over forty years and have produced about twenty books and three children. 

Extract from Book 


“Cops and media people think they know more about the law than the average man on the street, so there was a bit of loud confusion for a while as Bernie argued with Carmen over who had the right to be in the apartment. The discussion soon deteriorated to cover other topics such as why the feminist movement had died, what exactly might be meant by the term fascist pig and how it was that criminals had come to control the entire city. I’m sure the nuances were interesting, but my mind wasn’t up to the challenge.”

Ghachar Ghochar – Vivek Shanbhag 

A close-knit family is delivered from near-destitution a sudden wealth after the narrator’s uncle founds a successful spice company. As the narrator – a sensitive young man who is never named along with his sister, his parents and his uncle move from a cramped, ant-infested shack to a larger house and encounter new-found wealth, the family dynamics begin to shift. Allegiances and desires realign; marriages are arranged and begin to falter; and conflict brews ominously in the background 

Their world becomes ‘ghachar ghochar’ – a nonsense phrase that, to the narrator, comes to mean something entangled beyond repair. 

About Author

Vivek is the author of eight works of fiction and two plays, all of which have been published to wide acclaim in the south indian language, Kannada. 

Extract from Book 


“Chikkappa may have had the business worked out, but he had no capital. “it’s hard to get a bank loan unless you invest some of your own money”, he said and went to wash his hands. Appa made his decision in the half minute it took Chikkappa to return. Appa told him “my retirement benefits will amount to around one hundred thousand rupees. It’s yours to invest and find then the banks will give you a loan. Start the business as soon as you can.” That was all the encouragement Chikkappa needed. He had been in need of a spark to light the fire, and here he’d been handed a torch.” 

Some Kind of Synchrony – Ann Foweraker 

Faith Warren, married mother of two, is a secretary in a newspaper office. It wasn’t what she’d hoped for, but her dreams of university and becoming an author were lost long ago. Telling stories to entertain her lifelong friend, Di, on their journey to work and back is all that is left…..until she tells The Story. 

About Author 

Ann writes novels that resonate with readers of the boomer generation – being one herself- and setting her main characters at a similar age over the years. 

Ann has always written, from stories for friends as a teeneger, through books for her children and short stories to the poetry and novels that she concentrates on now. 

Extract from Book 


“Lunch time found her out of the office as soon as was possible, the silky scarf caressing her nect beneath her old sheepskin coat. She reached his door and, feeling suspicious glanced each way for people she knew, before tapping in the number he had given her. The door swung open and to her delight he was coming down the stairs, two at a time, to meet her. 

Her heart performed peculiar acrobatics in the moment it took for him to reach her, the street door closed, his arms closed around her to hold her, then he kissed her.”

Summer at Hope Meadows – Lucy Daniels 

Newly qualified vet Mandy Hope is leaving Leeds – and her fiance Simon – to return to the Yorkshire village where she grew up. Mandy’s life has always revolved around her work with rescued animals, and helping out in her parents’ surgery means working with creatures of all shapes and sizes. 

But it’s not all plain sailing; Mandy clashes with Jimmy Marsh, owner of the local outward bound centre, and some of the villagers won’t accept a new vet. Meanwhile, Simon is determined that Mandy will rejoin him back in the city. 

About Author 

Lucy is the collective name for the writing team that created the bestselling children’s book series Animal Ark. Hope Meadows is a brand new Lucy Daniels series for adult readers, featuring the characters and locations that were so beloved in the original stories. 

Summer at Hope Meadows has been written by a new author, Sarah McGurk, who has the twin advantages of being passionate about Animal Ark and a fully qualified vet. In her spare time, Sarah likes to cook and bake she also enjoys walking and loves taking photographs of the countryside near where she lives. 

Extract from Book 


“All the cows were emaciated like the old shire. One of them had an infection in one of her teats. It was hugely swollen and there was a grim looking area on her udder that looked as if it might slough away at any moment. Another had overgrown feet and a third had a wound on her shoulder. Mandy looked longingly at her car, wandering if she could drive away and leave someone else to deal with all this. But right now, she was all these animals had. Their only Hope literally. And they were outside, no longer walking knee deep in their own faeces of breathing the rank air in the shed.” 

Troublesome Wood – Ardal Jones 

Seeing is believing. So they say. 

But in a world of digital manipulation and speical effects, can we really believe our eyes? With words twisted by advertisers to mean their opposite, are we wise to believe what we are told? And when those raised up to govern us lie and cheat to gain our trust – the traditional robes of authority reduced to dress – up in whom should we put our faith?

When Gavin Fisher and new girl in school Symphony Beaumont begin asking difficult questions, the first thing they learn; nobody knows anything. And the discovery of the missing history of Lore Veracious leads them up a path, not of enlightment, but to greater confusion and mayhem; the discovery of Troublesome Wood revealing it holds as many secrets as answers, and like our world is changing faster than its inhabitants can keep up. 

Extract from Book 

pg 107 

“The blood has stoppe rushing to Gavin’s head – it was full. He felt like he’d been upside down for an eternity. Another six minutes ticked by and he felt his feet going numb, or rather he didn’t. A vein on his forehead began to throb like a fire hose. Time seemed to stop, and he thought he’d passed out. Pride stopped him shouting for help from Miss Tennfold – still slumped at the back of the coach. For a moment he forgot his own sorry plight wondering if his teacher was concussed; being unconscious this long couldn’t be good. Then, despite it being numb, he felt something touch his leg. He opened his mouth to scream, but nothing came out.” 

The Little Paris Bookshop – Nina George 

On a beautifully restored barge on the Seine, Jean Perdu runs a bookshop; or rather a ‘literary apothecary’ for this bookseller possesses a rare gift for sensing which books will soothe the troubled souls of his customers. 

The only person he is unable to cure, it seems, is himself. 

But when an enigmatic new neighbour moves into his eccentric apartmnt building on Rue Montagnard, Jean is inspired to unlock his heart, unmoor the floating bookshop and set off for Provence in search of the past and his beloved. 

About Author 

Born in 1973, Nina George is a journalist and the author of numerous bestselling novels, which have been translated into several languages. Nina is married to writer Jens J Kramer and lives in Hamburg and Brittany. 

Extract from Book 


“The Rhone is a nightmare, to put it mildly,” said Max and pointed to the nuclear power station. It was the seventeenth one they’d passed since the point where the Saone meets the Rhone near Lyons. Fast breeders reactors alternated with vineyards and motorways. Cured had given up on fishing. 

They had wandered around cuisery and its literary catacombs for a further three days. Now they were approaching Provence; they recognised the chalky hills near Orange that reared up like the gateway to Southern France.”

Murder In Little Shendon – A.H Richardson 

Nobody in Little Shendon particularly liked Mr Fynche. Therefore, when he is murdered in a rather gruesome manner, the suspect list grows quite long- and includes everyone from his housekeeper to Lady Armstrong and her household staff, they shy librarian, a fiesty major, the charming post mistress, owners of the town pub, even the vicar and the pair of American tourists. To aid the investigation Inspector Stanley Burgess calls on his old friend, Sir Victor Hazlitt, and an new friend, the noted Shakespearean actor, Beresford Brandon. The three sift methodically through the alibis and life stories of the suspects until they uncover……. 

About Author 

A. H Richardson grew up as a British artist, painter, musician, acress and dressage trainer. When she moved to the U.S she chose the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, where she lives near her three sons and grandchildren. It is there she writes. 

Extract from Book 


“Some mumbling followed that Berry couldn’t understand concealed in his hiding place. Eventually he heard them leave, and he stealthily crept to his room. He sat down on the bed, got out his notepad, and made some notes. He stretched out on his bed with his hands behind his head to think. All in all, it had been a pretty interesting afternoon. It occurred to Beresford that sixty thousand pounds was a pretty penny, and certainly people had been knocked off for far less than that. He decided to get in touch with Victor and Stanley as soon as possible so that the three of them could compare notes.” 


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