About Author 

Kate lives in County Mayo, Eire with her husband and children. Kate began her career as an editor and journalist, editing many of Britain’s most successful young women’s magazines before returning to her native Ireland in the 1990s. Kate is a New York Times bestselling author whose novels have been translated into fifteen languages.

Information on Book 

This is the story of three women and one charismatic man. 

It is 1950s New York, the time of dance halls, swing bands and the beginning of rock and roll. 

In the Emerald, Ava Brogan dances the night away, knowing she will never be pretty as the other Irish girls there. Here, too, Sheila Klein, Holocaust orphan, dreams of making her name in the music industry. Tough and cynical, she has never let her heart be broken by any man. 

Enter Patrick Murphy, with a sublime voice, a hit song in his back pocket an charism to burn. Ava’s and Sheila’s worlds will be turned upside down. But they don’t know that Patrick’s first great love is on her way to New York – determined to get her man at all costs. Beautiful Rose is used to getting what she wants and that’s not about to change any time soon. 

Extract from Book 


“Rose looked out of the window at the passing countryside. It was a flat day, but the grey sky against nature’s colours only served to make them appear brighter; the green grass of the grazing fields and copper mass of the bags and the messy yellow gorse that lined the train tracks. On another day, in another life, Rose would have snatched up her pad and started drawing. Not today. Today, the lacy outlines of the trees against the sky, the hares hopping acrossing the fields, the white washed cottages dotted across the mayo landscape like little rays of hope and home, were all invisible to her.” 

My Views 

I am a massive fan of Kate’s so just a warning I may be a little biased in my view. Firstly, I simply love the cover it is so beautiful. 

You follow three very strong minded women who fall in love with the same man. These women are transitioning to become more independent after the war and finding their feet within either the communities or the industry. Kate reflected well in the story what seemed to be a struggle in what women’s roles were after the war and trying to settle back into communities and what women can now do and expectations of women were changing and women were becoming recognised in the world of work and there no longer was the expectation for women to marry a suitable suitor and stay at home to be a domestic goddess. 

There are twist and turns and what you expect to be the ending is not – I, of course am not going to disclose what this is, you will just have to read the book. 

I think once you have read this book you will recognise traits of at least one of these women will be in yourself and we all know a Philip in our life time. I questioned whether these women were in love, lust or just wanted someone they could not have, but, that would be for you to decide. 

What I love about Kate’s books are that she really does her research into the historical element and there is a lot of care and respect in her writing towards that period of time. I cannot wait for Kate’s next book. 

Other Information 

Price 7.99

Kate’s website is available here. 

A copy of Kate’s book is available to buy here. 

Many thanks to Kate and Head of Zeus 


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