About Author 

Mohamed El Bachiri is a driver on the Brussels metro rail system. He grew up and lives in the suburb of Molenbeek, notorious as the place from which a number of Belgium jihadis have come. He is also the husband of Loubna, the love of his life and the mother of his children, who was murdered on 22 March 2016 on her way to work in a suicide bomb attack at a metro station in Brussels. 

About the Book 

In a Jihad For Love, Mohamed speaks about his youth, his faith, his grief for his wife and his life since the attacks. This is an elegy for his lost love and a passionate message of fraternity and common humanity from a young Muslim man who believes we should rise above vengeance and blame, and he appeals to western Muslims for a more humanistic approach to Islam. 

This is a man speaking from his heart; a moving, inspiring and remarkable call on all of us to struggle for love, not hatred. 

Extract from Book 

pg. 27 

“For us, as Muslims with common sense, it is obvious and necessary to see the belligerent passages in the Koran as historical words from the seventh century. It would be an absolute mistake to try to claim that they are universally valid. And they may never, ever be used to harm another person.”

My Views 

Well, I am not so sure where to start with this book. 

I do think initially, you may be put off from reading this book by the title. I was intrigued to read it, as, as you may know I am a military wife so have lived in the military community with loss and injury with husbands and partners going out to war. But, with recent events terror is now on our streets and now not only effects the military community but everyone. I feel there is a divide in the community because of the lack of understand and the fear people have with not asking questions about religion and culture that may differ from theirs. 

This book, makes it clear. I have a strong belief this book should be on all reading lists for secondary school children as it clearly sets out what is right and wrong and would leave people less fearful. 

Mohamed is an incredible man, father and husband and wrote this book with his full heart and soul. You can feel his pain and despair but he is trying to educate people in the fact that he is a Muslim but he has been effected by terrorists too and is trying to get the message out there that Muslims are peaceful people. Mohamed has a way of grabbing your attention and keeping it there for the whole book and to be honest I have not stopped thinking about this book since I had finished and I have recommended this book to pretty much every person I have seen. 

You all must read this book!

Other Information 

Price 5.99 

Copy of book is available here.

 Many thanks to Mohamed and Head of Zeus 


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