About Author 

Minna trained as a fashion journalist but became a novelist instead. Minna sometimes works as a film extra and meets so many interesting people who give ideas for her novels. 

Minna lives in London and has three children and two grandsons. 

Information on Book 

A comfortingly warm and wise novel about starting again and finding love when you least expect it. 

Succumbing to a rather cliched midlife crisis. Dan Haywood swaps his family for an expensive red sports car and a younger woman. After 24 years of marriage, his wife Sarah is left to pick up the pieces. 

Trying her best to restyle her life, comfort hurt children, make time for ‘helpful’ friends and maintain her burgeoning career as a dress designer, sarah feels pulled in a hundred directions. And it doesn’t help that obstacles – mostly iin the form of other middle aged men seem to conspire against her. 

Proud of herself for moving house and starting to build an independent life, she is shocked when Robert Maynard, her rather dashing next door neighbour, insists that the house was promised to him. Now she is destined to be pulled into his life by events beyond her control. 

After one failed marriage, will she be able to find happiness again?

And, do second chances really come to those who wait?

Extract from Book 

Her mobile rang noisily, making her jump. Not another concerned neighbour she couldn’t stand it. She was weary of her friends’ and neighbours’ kindness, their knowing looks, their sympathy. How much did they know that she didn’t. Had they seen the cracks widen to chasms in their marriage before she had? Had they seen Dan frolicking with this girl not much older than his own daughter.”

Leave it, Sarah said silently to him. Would you really jump through all these hoops with a woman nearer your own age? She wondered if  Dan behaved like this. Did he boast so nauseously to his mouse? She suspected Julian was on some power kick, behaving as if he thought he was superior to Yvette socially and in ways of the world, and had taken it upon himself to instruct her about it.”

My Views 

I have known many middle aged women who have had to restart their lives after a breakdown in their relationship / marriage Sarah is a great role model on how to deal with this matter in a “grown up” way despite hurting. Sarah just got on with her life despite battling with middle age “creeps” trying it on with her – I wonder whether that actually happens in real life, unfortunately, I have a feeling it does. You journey with Sarah becoming an independent woman, still dealing with her soon to be ex husband and supporting her children, you can sense her fear and apprehension but also the excitement of starting again. 

The story has many twists and turns and you almost become Sarah’s friend and guardian and only wish her the best. All I can say without giving too much away is good things come to those who wait and perhaps the issues she goes through is for the best. 

It is difficult to say too much about the book as I don’t want to give too much away, but this book should be on your summer reading list. 

Other Information 

Price 9.99

Get a copy of your book here.

Many thanks to Aria Publishers and Minna Howard


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