Fierce Kingdom – Gin Phillips

Fierce Kingdom begins in a zoo near closing time as Joan tries to persuade her four year old son, Lincoln, that it’s time to leave his favourite place and to head home. As they rush towards the exit she realises that the fire crackers she heard earlier- and quickly disregarded were gunshots, and that they are in horrifying danger. 

They run. They hide. Over the three hours that follow, Joan must use all her ingenuity and instinct to keep them safe, but must also make unimaginable choices. 

About Author 

Gin grew up in Montgomery, Alabama. After earning a degree in political journalist, Gin worked as a freelance magazine writer for nearly a decade. She lived in Ireland, Thailand, New York and Washington D.C. Fierce Kingdom is her debut thriller. 

Extract From Book 


“She watches one of them raise his phone to his face. He is clean shaven and light-haired, and he is white, just as she thought. His face is thin and unimpressive, an she wonders whether his is the thin-voiced one, whether his face somehow matches his sound.

She is not done yet. 

While he is looking at the screen, she pulls her arm back, gripping her second rock, aiming past the men, farther along the path, in the opposite direction of both herself and the train track. Back towards the head of the zoo, the exhibits, back towards everything if she could map out the objects she has thrown, she hopes they would make a straight line, and that line would lead back to the side walks and bathrooms and benches and tables, back to the obvious hiding places and signs and labels. Anywhere but here.” 

Fierce Kingdom is available here.



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