The Dog Walker – Lesley Thomson

The Dog Walker

About Author 

Lesley was born in 1958 and grew up in West London. Lesley graduated from Brighton University in 1981 and moved to Australia a year after. Lesley returned to London some time later and did several jobs to support her writing. This included working for one of the first internet companies in the UK. Lesley lives in East Sussex with her partner and her poodle.

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Her first novel, A Kind Of Vanishing won The People’s Book Prize in 2010. Her second novel, The Detective’s Daughter was number 1 bestseller and sold over 500,000 copies.

Lesley has also written:

  • The Detective’s Daughter
  • Ghost Girl
  • The Detective’s Secret
  • The House With No Rooms

Information about book 

‘A haunted house, a broken family and a body that has never been found, Stella and Jack must reawaken the secrets of the past in order to solve the mysteries of the present.

January 1987. In the depths of winter, only joggers and dog walkers brave the Thames towpath after dark. Helen Honeysett, a young newlywed, sets off for an evening run from her riverside cottage, only her dog returns.

Twenty nine years later, her husband asks Stella Darnell, a private detective, and her side-kick Jack Harmon, to find out what happened all those years ago.

But when the five households on that desolate stretch of towpath refuse to give up their secrets, Stella and Jack find themselves hunting a killer whose trail has long gone cold…….’

Extract from book 

pg 100

“‘Adam’s file’s not comprehensive,’ Stella remarked. ‘I think he cobbled it together for our meeting. That’s what I really think is odd. Why didn’t he keep track along the way?’ Stanley stopped circling and, pulling on his lead, snouted along the towpath, ‘Lucie May covered it – maybe we should contact her. There won’t be gaps in her file.’

Stella only found out after Terry Darnell’s death that Lucie May had had an affair with him. Lucie made no secret of resenting ‘Darnell’s daughter’ for his putting her first. Stella never expressed a view on Lucie, but had been irritated when Jack had consulted her about one of their investigations without discussing it with her. Since then Stella had done the same. Not from revenge; she didn’t work that way. However, proposing that they involve May so early in a case was new”

My views

This is the first time I have read a book my Lesley. Initially, the first few chapters I struggled to work out what was going on with the story and was confused, but once I got through those difficult chapters, oh boy, was it a compulsive read and one that I struggled to put down. Lesley certainly had my full and undivided attention which meant for once my husband had to take charge of looking after the children over the weekend because I just had to finish the book and could not leave it.

If you are a crime fan, Lesley is one author that must be in your collection of books to read. Again, I feel this story would convert very well on to a TV series as the story is gripping and leaves you throughout guessing “who done it”. Throughout the story, my mind continued to change as to what happened and who was involved which is always a good sign of a good crime book. This is one book I would recommend for your reading list.

On my pile of books to read is The Detective’s Daughter, which I will of course review for my blog – so stay tuned……………

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Price: £20.00

Lesley Thomson website is available here.

A copy of the book is available here.

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The Married Girls – Diney Costeloe

Can I firstly say, I am sorry this post was not up on time. Unfortunately, I have been very poorly and needed to admitted to hospital, but hopefully, fingers crossed I am now on the road to recovery.


I have to confess this is the first time I have read a book by Diney and I have to say I was not disappointed. Diney has written many books:

The Throwaway Children

The Girl With No Name

The Lost Solder

are to name a few and I have to confess I may have made a tiny Amazon order and ordered a couple more. Diney is a bestselling author and The Married Girls is the sequel to The Girl With No Name.


Diney is the daughter of a London publisher and encouraged by her father, she has always written stories and poems. When she left school she trained as a primary school teacher and taught in the East End of London and in Somerset.

Information on Book 

‘Wynsdown 1949. In the small Somerset village of Wynsdown, Charlotte Shepherd is happily married to farmer Billy. She arrived from Germany on the Kindertransport as a child during the war and now feels settled in her adopted home.

Meanwhile, the squires’ fighter pilot son, Felix, has returned to the village with a fiancee in tow. Daphne is beautiful, charming…… and harbouring secrets. After meeting during the war, Felix knows some of Daphne’s past, but she has worked hard to conceal that which could unravel her carefully built life.

For Charlotte, too, a dangerous past is coming back in the shape of fellow refugee, bad boy Harry Black. Forever bound by their childhoods, Charlotte will always care for him, but Harry’s return disrupts the village quiet and it’s not long before gossip begins to spread.

The war may have ended, but for these girls trouble is only just beginning.’

Extract From Book 

pg 231

In the meantime she needed to keep Harry’s letter somewhere safe, somewhere Billy wouldn’t come across it by mistake. She went back downstairs, but before joining Caroline and Johnny in the kitchen, she went into the living room and slipped the envelope in among the music stored in her piano stool. 

Back in the kitchen, Caroline and Johnny were sitting on the floor with the soldiers again lined up for battle.

‘Auntie Caro’s the baddies,’ announced Johnny as his mother came in, and began marching his men forward, knocking over those in blue as he went. ‘I winned,’ he cried in delight as the last blue soldier fell. 

‘So you did,’ laughed Caroline, getting up from the floor. ‘Again!’

She didn’t ask Charlotte what was in Harry’s letter, simply raised her eyebrows in silent query.”

My Views 

This novel is full of drama and there are many stories intertwined within. However, at times, this did mean the stories jumped and I was lost as to where I was at. I have to say though, I think this novel will adapted brilliantly into a drama series, I can see it now on a Sunday evening.

I have not read many stories which portray the aftermath of the war some four years later. Usually, the stories are based on either being in the war or just as peace has been declared. Diney did a great job of reflecting the countries state of affairs four years later with people trying to get back on their feet and families starting to come back together. Also, the amount of people who were displaced and taking the decision to remain in their new settled homes and their hidden pasts and trying to establish a new future.

There are so many big stories tangled within one another and the characters have their own issues. What I especially liked was Diney managed to get this book into my daydreams as the other day whilst washing up I was debating on what my actual views on one of the characters, Daphne was. Did I feel sorry for her? Did I think she was being a bit of cow? Or, did she just frustrate me? When an author does this, I think they have done a pretty good job with storytelling.

Although, I was confused with some of the story line, it certainly has not put me off and I have purchased a couple more books by Diney which I will review at a later date.

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Price: £18.99

Book release date: 4 May 2017 (Hardback) 

Diney’s website is available here.

Get your copy of The Married Girls here.

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